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Athletic.net Issues and Troubleshooting

There are a few reasons why Athletic.net may not be working for you.  In general, if you have problems, please contact their support desk.  They are fairly quick with a response and a solution for you.  They are also able to see your account and can offer solutions that are more likely to solve your issue then if we try to do it without being able to access your account.  Still, there are a few things we can tell you that may help.

Q.   I cannot sign up for a coach account with my team.

A.  It’s likely your account is locked and unable to process new coach registrations.  This is most likely due to a coach, probably no longer associated with your team, that locked the account.  If this is the case, you’ll either need to contact the person who locked the account if they are still around to unlock it for you.  Otherwise, you’ll need to request help from their support desk to open the account.

Q.  I cannot sign-up my middle school runners

A.  High school and middle teams are treated as two separate teams but Athletic.net will typically only allow you to register as a coach for one team.  You’ll need to contact Athletic.net and request that you have a shared account between the HS and MS teams.

Q.  How do I know my entries are submitted?

A.  Once you register your runners for a particular meet, you can view the entries under your team’s profile.  When we close registration, we will download all the entries submitted this way.  You do not need to send us a spreadsheet.  If you see the entries,  then you do not need to worry.

Q.  What if I need to make changes in my roster after I have entered my athletes?

A.  No problem.  Just go back into Athletic.net and access the meet on your calendar.  You can make changes to your lineup up to the time the meet is locked for registration which is typically about 48 hours in advance of the meet.  Any changes after the entries are locked will need to be submitted via email to our attention.   It is better if you make the changes at Athletic.net if you can as this will asQsure yourself that the changes will be made properly.  If you submit an email prior to registration closing, it’s entirely possible that the request will get lost in a pile of emails.

Q.  How can I get started in Athletic.net and figure out how to use it?

A.  The website developers have created a nice library of videos and other support documents that will give you a good and quick way to learn how to use the site.  It’s relatively easy, but it does help to view a video initially to get a feel for how the website works.

Q.  Does Athletic.net cost anything?

A.  No.  You can use a free account if you wish that has limited capabilities but allow you to submit your entries.  There is a paid option as well that gives you a more options to use the site as a total team management site for you and also get expedited responses for your inquiries.  Based on our use of the site as a paid supporter, I would highly recommend getting the combined track and cross-country upgrade for your school.  One fee covers all your coaches and there is an option for one sport only or both sports.