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Cross Country Meet Roster Submission Instructions

Coaches can submit their cross-country rosters using one of the following means:

  1. Athletic.net  -(PREFERRED METHOD) You can create an account on Athletic.net and follow the instructions they provide for submitting rosters.  You basically enter your team data and then find the selected meet and submit the athletes you intend to run that day.  It’s all very automatic and once you set it up and figure it out, it’s very easy.  If you do this, it’s not a bad idea to send an email to me just alerting me that you submitted your roster in this fashion.   If you run into problems submitting a roster for a specific meet, let me know as your team may not have been properly added to the meet.
  2. SpreadsheetYou can download a spreadsheet here and fill in your team’s information.  Then submit the file back to john@performancetiming.com via email.   If you do multiple meets that we time, you can use the same spreadsheet and just update it with additions and deletions from the previous meet.  It’s best not to submit names that you know won’t be attending as we do reserve a bib and tag for each individual.   It just cuts out some unnecessary work and expense if the list includes only runners you expect to compete that day. Cross Country Roster Submission Spreadsheet

Either method of roster submission is acceptable however it the Athletic.net option does have some nice advantages after you go through a small learning curve to figure out.