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Track and Field Entry Submission Instructions

Performance Timing is using MileSplit as it’s registration platform for the 2022 track season.    If you have not used MileSplit to register your team for a meet, you will need to establish a login account for yourself and associate yourself with your team.    Once you are approved as a coach for the team, you will be able to complete the entry submission process.


  • Wisconsin MileSplit Page   – This is a good starting page for Wisconsin meets.

  • Online Registration Instructions – A great place to get you started using MileSplit for your initial set- up.    The “Profile Management” section will help you get your personal login account set-up.   The “Team Management” section will help you claim your team.    The step-by-step instructions are very well done and easy to follow.

  • Performance Timing Calendar Page –  After you have things set-up, this is a good page to find your meet and start entering your athletes.   If someone else is timing the meet, you can use the general calendar to find your meet.

If there are still questions, please email us at john@performancetiming.com