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Performance Timing uses a variety of timing systems designed to meet the specific needs of the competition. This includes both chip and non-chip timing systems that are designed to provide fast and accurate results. We would discuss both options and help you determine the best alternative for your race.

Types of Competitions

Below are some of the types of races we will consider timing. The list is not necessarily all inclusive. If you have a timing need that isn’t listed below but have similar characteristics, please contact us to discuss your situation.

  • Running Races
  • High School Cross-Country Meets
  • High School Track Meets
  • Nordic Ski Races
  • Snowshoe Races
  • Mountain Bike Races
  • Road Bike Races
  • Multisport Races

What We Provide

As a full service timer, will will provide you with a number of services including but not limited to:

  • Pre-race planning for finish line management.
  • Posting pre-race information on this site as a means of promotion and providing general information (start times, start lists, directions, sign-up, etc.).
  • Online Registration Capability
  • Spreadsheets for easy data entry of the pre-registered competitors.
  • Timing the actual race using either chip timing or conventional timing
  • Professional-looking race results at the race location usually within minutes of the last racer’s finish.
  • Results can be generated in almost any manner – overall, sex, class or whatever divisions you have for your event.
  • Results are also posted to this website in both printed and searchable interactive formats.
  • Results will also be sent to the media if requested in both PDF and Excel formats.
  • Post-event consultation as needed to look for improvements for next year’s event.
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