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Entry Instructions for Track Meets

   Instructions for Submitting Track Meet Entries

  • Using a Team Manager Event File – For teams that utilize Hy-Tek Team Manager, you can download an event file from the Coaches Page for the meet you wish to submit.   Simply find the meet and click on the “Team Manger Event File” link and you will be prompted to save the file to your hard drive.  You can then import the events into Team Manager and build create your lineup.  When you are finished, you will export an entries file that you will send to john@performancetiming.com.  If you are new to using Team Manager and need assistance, please feel free to contact me at email address provided above.
  •  Using Athletic.net – If you do not use Team Manager, you may want to consider setting your team up in Athletic.net.  This is a site dedicated to track and field for coaches to manager many aspects of their team.   Simply go to www.athletic.net and follow the instructions for setting up your team.  For the meets that Performance Timing is involved, a meet will already be established that you can access.  You should expect the meet to be established and ready for entries about one week before the meet.   The site has good documentation to help get you through this the first time.  You can also contact me for some basic help as well.   One nice thing about using this site is that you can make changes to your lineup up to the time the meet is closed for entries which is usually about a day before the meet.  Teams can use the free option to submit rosters.  If you want to use some of the other features of Athletic.net, you would need to upgrade to Site Supporter.    It’s a good way to track your athletes performance through the course of a season maintain your team calendar, and even use it as a website for your team to reference with all the latest news you post.