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Wisconsin Nordic Ski League Sprint Championships – 2020

February 1-2, 2020
Elver Park
Madison WI

Saturday, Feb 1

Team Sprint Results

Sunday, Feb 2

The individual sprints were conducted with a different approach regarding participation beyond the qualifier.   After qualifying, all skiers were ranked according to their finish time.   The top 32 advanced to the championship bracket.    The remaining skiers participated in the consolation bracket.   Skiers in the championship bracket raced three times through that moved the top four skiers and bottom 4 skiers to different heats that eventually lead to ranking all 32 skiers based on their heat results.   Those in the consolation bracket skied additional races based on the number of total skiers in the division.   The advancement chart below will help you understand how the heats and advancement criteria worked.

Individual Sprints Heat Results

Individual Sprint Qualifier

Advancement Chart